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    Cannot see images in Project Manager Pod RH 7




      I'm managing to insert the image into the topic - but it is not appearing in the project manager pod under images.  Am I doing something very wrong and will there be any consequences later if they are not listed.


      I'm new to RoboHelp so please assume I could be doing the basics wrong.



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          HI There,

          Some basics:


          You should be running your RH project locally from a folder on the C drive and NOT under my documents or from a network drive.


          Whilst it's a good idea to sometimes use folders for groups of topics in a project it's not a good idea to have to many levels of sub folders. I tend to use just one level i.e


          HTML file (topics)

               Printing stuff (for example)

               Importing data

               etc etc.


          I then store my topics within these folders. Any folder creation and moving around MUST be done within RH and NOT windows explorer.


          Once the project housekeeping is in order you can then thinki about files.

          I suggest using Gifs for image files. First capture them at high res in say paintshop pro or the application of choice then save as gifs. I find that Jpegs are sometimes a bit speckly. Copy the gifs to the required folder in the robohelp project using windows explorer.


          Next within the RH topic you want to place the image in, use the insert image menu option or icon to import the image in from the location you previously copied the files to.


          Hope that helps....

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            Chris_T Level 1



            A couple of useful things there that I was not aware of - will give them a try.


            Thanks very much