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    CS3 PhotoShop CS4 Bridge




      I have Photoshop CS3 and Flash CS4.  I got photoshop more recently, it's legal incase you are wondering.  Photoshop shipped with Bridge CS3 and Flash with CS4.  I use the most recent version of bridge because it's better, but I cannot get it to work with Camera Raw and photoshop CS3, it tells me that camera raw editing is not enabled and that I have to get the program to run first.


      I won't die if I can't use camera raw, I just want to know why it won't work. I am not going to upgrade to CS4 just becuase I plugin won't work.

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          xbytor2 Level 4

          If you want to run Bridge CS4, you need to install ACR 5.4 for use in Bridge.

          If you want to run PS CS3, you need to install ACR 4.6 for use in PS.


          I would recommend that you do all of your Camera Raw edits in Bridge CS4. ACR 5.4 is a significant improvement over ACR 4.6.

          When you need to perform additional edits in PSCS3, first save the image to tiff or psd (or whatever) from within ACR 5.4.

          Do not open ACR 5.4 editted file in PSCS3/ACR4.6. You may have edits in the file that are not backwards compatible.

          Once you have a tiff file, PSCS3 will not have any problems editting the file.


          In your situation, I would recommend not having ACR 4.6 installed for PSCS3. Do all of your raw edits from within Bridge CS4.

          And don't use Bridge CS3 at all.