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    any way to change font error validation message size

    popster Level 1

      ive recently begun working on international applications where the character set utilizes international characters (utf-8) chinese/japanese characters.


      the error validation messages,

      requiredFieldError and

      tooShortError are very difficult to read when presented to the user.  the font size is a bit soo small.


      is there any way to change the font size so it can be a little bigger.  i would think there is some error validation class but it might be a style class.  i honestly dont know where to look?



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          CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

          I believe you want the errorTip class selector..the default (from defaults.css) looks something like:


                  borderColor: #CE2929;
                  borderStyle: "errorTipRight";
                  color: #FFFFFF;
                  fontSize: 10;
                  fontWeight: "bold";
                  shadowColor: #000000;
                  paddingBottom: 4;
                  paddingLeft: 4;
                  paddingRight: 4;
                  paddingTop: 4;




          Corey Lucier

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