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    Does this sound like a job for Flash? (newbie alert)

    TimothyClo Level 1

      Admittedly, I haven't used Flash since the MX days, and even then, for just limited projects in scope.  But I have a client (also a friend) that wants a website to showcase the design construction of a 3-story office building. The client wants the website visitor to be able to click left & right arrows to have the building rotate accordingly. (Also, when the user clicks on, say, a door frame, a pop-up describes the quality of the door frames.)


      Does this sound like a job for Flash or is there a piece of software out there that would handle this type of online rendering more effectively?  The client doesn't seem to have a tight timeline and understands there may be some learning time involved for me.  And any feedback for the level of difficulty for someone that has only made websites in Dreamweaver MX and simple movies in Flash.  If this sounds rather complex, I'm open to passing the project on to a more pro developer out there.  Thanks!