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    Contribute CS4 - Connection help


      I have a local copy of our intranet site on a file server (not my local machine).  Each time updates are required, using Dreamweaver I edit the 'local' file and then 'put' the file to the live web server.


      Is it possible to set up Contribute on a user's PC to connect (via LAN)  to the local version  for them to edit files (basic word processing/hyperlinks) and then put the saved file on the live site?  I don't want them to use Dreamweaver as they're not HTML-savvy and would probably find it confusing!


      I've tried to set up a connection to our file server \\fileserver name\intranet but get the error message 'contribute cannot verify your connection'.  I am already logged on to our domain and connected to the file server in My Network Places.  (My log in name and password authorise my connection to certain folders on the file server).


      I can create a successful ftp connection to the live web site without any problem.


      Thanks in advance.