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    Old versions of flash installed with Photoshop


      It is not clear to me if this is the correct place to post this question, but I hope this is a better place than in the forum on flash in web browsers.  If anyone can suggest a better place to post this, please let me know.


      I have kept the copy of flash that I use with Firefox up to date; it is now at and is correctly (I believe) installed in c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash.


      The other day I installed a recently purchased copy of Photoshop CS4 and then ran the updates that were offered for that.


      I use the excellent Secunia Personal Software Inspector (secunia.com) to tell me when I have insecure out of date software installed and it now tells me that I  have older copies of flash components as follows:


      - in d:\program files\adobe\adobe extension manager CS4\ I have NPSWF32.dll v


      - in the ...\adobe\adobe device central\required\opera\program\plugins I have v of the same dll  (and I do nt use Opera!)


      - and in ...\adobe\adobe bridge CS4\browser\plugins\ I have the same dll at level


      Given that some of the Flash updates were to fix security holes, why do I now find myself with newly installed out of date flash components?


      I have tried running the flash removal and reinstall tool from the Adobe website but that did not touch the out of date copies in the Photoshop folders.


      Why do I have to have multiple copies of Flash on my system?  One should be enough and it would be easier to keep up to date.


      How do I update these old copies of Flash?    I am wary of just deleting the old copies.... There probably lies trouble!


      David H-S