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    Using CFEclipse snippets in CF Builder

    cygro (Cyrill Gross)

      You defined a bunch of snippets in CFEclipse and you'd like to use them CF Builder?

      It's no problem, since both editors use the default snippet functionalities.


      There are 3 ways how to get it working:

      1. You re-create all your snippets in CF Builder manually (I bet you don't like this way ;-) )
      2. Copy the snippet folder from your CFEclipse workspace into the CF Builder workspace:
        Location in the CFEclipse workspace:
        {Workspace root}/.metadata/.plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml/snippets/
        Location in the CF Builder workspace:
        {Workspace root}/.metadata/snippets/
        Copy the file "keyCombos.properties" as well to use the same trigger text.
      3. Define the snippet folder from your CFEclipse workspace as the CF Builder snippet directory: Window > Preferences > ColdFusion > Snippets
        The advantage of doing it this way is that if you change/add snippets in one editor, it is available in both editors instantly and without any manual action.


      Rrestart CF Builder and you are done (the snippets can be used without restarting CF Builder, but to use the trigger text a restart is required).


      Best Regards, Cyrill