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    Cross Module Communication?




      I created two seperate Modules that are called from a Shell App:


      1.) A PersonModule that loads persons and shows them in a grid, and

      2.) a AddressModule that shows the data for the Address for a PersonID.

      Both of them are working fine.


      3.) Then i created a third Module: Contactmanagement  that combines both modules. Its laoded as well from the Shellapp.

      If a Person is selected ( in PersonModule) , the Address for this person should show up ( in the AddressModule).


      I know hot to do it, if both DataGrids are in the same Module, but:


      how can I get the selected PersonID from the PersonModule to the AdressModule?


      The AddressModule knows what to do, if gets a PersonId.


      Thanks for any pointers!


      Martin Zach