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    Simple Links not working on page

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      I created this site from scratch. Put it to my remote server. It didn't work correctly. For some reason the template folder did not move nor did the images folder. I contacted my administrator, He fixed it on the remote side to work. How I don't understand, but it is fixed. Something about the files were not residing in the htdocs folder and I guess he moved them somehow. All new pages and documents are set up to automatically send to the remote server upon saving.


      I built a new page entitled Newsliners for my template. In the body of the page are a list of links to pdf files of our newsletter. When I built the page I clicked the link box in the properties panel and selected the document I wanted to link. Then a dialog box appeared that said that the file I was linking to resided outside of my intended folder would I like to copy to the correct folder, I click yes for all the links. Saved the page. Went to view in browser and links are broken or not working (page cannot be found error message).


      I am soooo confused.  I have been through all my manuals and tried to contact my network administrator, but I think he is tired of hearing from me. Attached are some screen shots.  I don't know what anyone else would need background wise to help.



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          Well, there is no "Newsliners" directory on your local site, so naturally all links will be created at the root level. The folder hierarchy on the server and your local view must match 1:1 or this will be a constant source of worries. Also, if you need to insert the htdocs as the start folder, then the server config is probably not right. In a shared hosting environment, all you should see is your virtual directory, which is already htdocs. Based on this, you may actually have created a htdocs/htdocs folder, hence it didn't work.



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            Kellysingleton Level 1

            Thank you, next question - Is there a simple way to fix?  I can't seem to figure it out.  I understand the 1:1 match, but I don't know how to make it that way since the administrator moved things around on the remote side.  I assumed that when i put the local files into the remote side that they would upload the same, but apparently not.


            The admin had me list the htdocs folder as the primary folder only after he did whatever he did on the remote side. I followed the instructions in the adobe "creating your first website" tutorial and in the Dreamweaver CS3: missing manual book.  None of these problems are covered.


            I am sorry for sounding so inadequate, but i am in graphic design, not web design. My boss does not understand the difference and expects me to know all this stuff.