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    French CHM - So Close...

    MaritimeGirl Level 1

      I have my English CHM and French CHM.  If I switch my Windows Display Language to French, I see the buttons are translated to French - this is great.


      Now, I have two little problems.

      1.     The Window caption is stuck at HTML Help.  I've set my project language to French and my display language but it doesn't work.  According to this post about RH7, the Window Caption couldn't be fixed, so has anyone had any luck with RH8?



      2.     Advanced Search in French still displays AND OR NEAR NOT.  I realize that they're essentially emulating SQL keywords but I do find it a bit strange that ET OU PRÈS PAS isn't shown and when the search is submitted, they could be replaced with the English equivalents before the search is processed.  I can't enable the feature because it's unilingual.