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    Multiple Dictionary Grammer Files


      I am looking in to seeing if it will be possible to migrate my team from CFEclipse+Aptana to CFBuilder. While digging through CFBuilder, I noticed that it uses dictionary files and dictionary configuration files a lot like CFEclipse does.


      With CFEclipse, we are loading additional grammer files in the dictionaryconfig.xml for the teams custom tag library, scopes, etc. The grammer file that is loaded uses Entity references to point to centralized XML files for easy updates to a team of over 50 spread across the country.


      Our dictionaryconfig looks something like this:


          <dictionary id="CF_DICTIONARY">
              <version key="ColdFusion9" label="ColdFusion9">
                  <grammar location="cf9.xml"/>
                  <grammar location="teamcore.xml"/>


      The teamcore.xml looks something like:


      <!DOCTYPE dictionary [
      <!ENTITY tags SYSTEM "http://teamcore.domain/eclipse/coldfusion/tags.xml">


      Now, like I said, with CFEclipse, this solution works. But with CFBuild it does not. Not only that, it doesn't seem like it even loads the second grammer file at all. If I put the contents of tags.xml in teamcore.xml, located on the local machine, the tags still to not appear. If i put the contents of tags.xml in cf9.xml the tags display in the auto-complete.


      The ideal solution, for me anyhow, would be if multiple grammer files could be loaded, and loaded from other locations besides the local "dictionary" directory, either via HTTP or UNC.


      We have a rather large library of custom tags, scopes, etc, that modifiying the local cf9.xml and deploying to the entire team is impracticial.


      The other question I have is, what determines what grammer file is used. There are grammer files for CF7, CF8 and CF9, but I can not find anywhere in the preferences to set this. We currently use CF8 and do not have any plans to update to CF9 any time soon after its release, we just upgraded from CF6 to CF8, to show our upgrade speeds.

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          RamKulkarni Level 2

          CF Builder currently supports one active dictionary at a time. And you can change language dictionary option using Preferences->ColdFusion->Editor Profiles->Code Assist.


          However we have implemented support for custom tag dictionaries (which is not there in the Beta release). With this you would be able to drop you custom tag dictionaries under dictionary/custom folder and CF Builder will read all those dictionaries and make contents of them avilable in code assist as well as in Tag editor.