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    Support other cfm engines

    jamwerx Level 1

      Am I to assume that the rds connections won't support Railo or openBD.

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          bmelendy Level 1

          If they support RDS, why not?  I can't recall actually, I've setup both Railo and OpenBD but I wasn't testing for RDS, just code compatibility.  I don't think it would preclude you from using CF Builder as an IDE either way.  I'm using it without RDS myself.

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            jamwerx Level 1

            The only server option in cfbuilder is jrun which is the first thing stopping this.

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              RamKulkarni Level 2

              We are changing that. We have added 'Other' server type along with JRun. The idea was to allow adding CF on servers other than JRun, like JBoss etc. One limitation of 'Other' server type is that you will not be able to start/stop the server from CF Builder. However this server can be used for debugging, code assist (code getting CFCs), preview etc.

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                jamwerx Level 1

                For me the big thing would be able to tap into datasources to get table info & some of the cfc generation.


                I don't really mind if you can't start or stop the cf server, in my case Railo since you really don't need to. However there might be a use to add start/stop inputs where you could put in commandline commands so that way you could restart the app server. But if you do that then you might need 2 sets, for example mine runs though apache and tomcat.