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    flash freezes


      Hi all i have a very annoying issue wit the latest flash version. In this site www4.dollaropoker.com if i open 4 or more widows of firefox (latest version) i have random  freezes of these windows: i can hear the sound but the action in the windows is blocked, and it refreshes just passing mouse arrow on it. I have a Dell studio 1555 and vista home premium with latest hardware drivers istalled. I have this problem in another pc with windows xp. I can remember that moths ago i didn't have this issue.

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          BearHNC Level 2

          If you are using Vista htat is just the way of the gun, it works on day and another day it doesn't sometimes you just can't just the updates. If you work on graphics you really shpuld consider moving over to a MAC the operating system is far more trust worthy and you reall deal with a ridicoulsy less amount of trouble. I deal in both and I never have the troubles with OS as I do with Vista. i know that isn't the answer you are looking for but letting you know it isn't you it is the machine. You may just need to wait till the next update comes around and hopefully that will fix it for you.