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    No compiler Arguments ??




      It would be great to manually implement Compiler Argument, In case of debug configurations for compiler directive such as:


      CONFIG::local {

           // code to compile in this case


      CONFIG::remote {

           // code to compile in this case



      the following lines are added to arguments


      -define=CONFIG::local,false -define=CONFIG::remote,true


      I didn't see this option in the new flash builder, I think this is very usefull and should be taken in consideration for developpers.


      Thank you

      (I Hope i'm in the right place)



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          Peter deHaan Level 4



          Add the "-define=CONFIG::local,false -define=CONFIG::remote,true" compiler arguments to the Flex compiler section in the Project Properties dialog.


          1. Right-click project and select Properties.

          2. Click the "Flex Compiler" link in the left menu.

          3. Add "-define=CONFIG::local,false -define=CONFIG::remote,true" in the Additional compiler arguments section.

          4. Click "OK".



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            Ether-x Level 1

            Hi again !


            and thank you for your quick answer, I didn't saw this option, maybe not searching at the right place !!