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    Insert image into existing box and resize


      I have a script that opens an indesign page, creats a rectangle and inserts a tiff file.


      I need to have the script place the file in an existing text box instead of creating one and to resize the image to fit the box.


      Here is the script I can come up with so far.



      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"

            set comic1 to "Macintosh HD:users:marshall:documents:comics:bbt20090713.tiff"

            set mydoc to open "Macintosh HD:users:marshall:documents:comix:GGDailyBlank.indd"

            tell mydoc

                   tell page 1

                         set myrect to make rectangle with properties {geometric bounds:{30.6, 2.4, 41, 32.5}}

                         tell myrect

                               set myGraphic to place (comic1 as string)

                         end tell

                   end tell

            end tell

      end tell