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    HD video gallery

      Hello All. im am in the process of a new project that is alot like a video galley. its more like a tv channel with a list of videos that you can select at any time. here are some examples.


      i am failrly advanced on the graphic side of flash but im not so good at the coding stuff. the problem is i cannot make a menu like the ones in the examples. i have been on the search for flash source files but most of the ones i find are XML galleries. im looking for just a movie clip i can drop into my website at the right place and be able to edit the content in jsut the menu.

      these sites are ok but there all XML driven.


      these sites try to make it real simple for people who dont really know how to use flash but i want ones that i can edit in flash to make it exactly how i want.

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          Devendran Level 1
          why are you looking for such a component.
          always better to control the dynamic data using XML or some other external files.

          use the component and pass the xml formatted string to it.

          var myString:String = "<xmldata><mynode>SampleData</mynode></xmldata>"
          var myXML:XML = new XML(myString);

          Now pass the "myXML" to the Component for parsing.
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            Waffle_CONE Level 1
            well i guess because i dont know what strings or parsing is.

            the thing is i dont want a picture to load when you click the thumbnail. i want a flash video start to play above the menu.



            this is exactly what i want. user clicks on thumbnails and a video starts to play, the only thing i cant make is the menu scrolling when you click the arrows at the bottom.