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    Pic length with Elements 1.0


      OK, so I'm using a real old verson, but for me it works.  The question: how do I change the length of time a pic plays?  The default for all pics on the video track is 4 seconds per pic.  I want some of them only 1 second.  I can change them one at a time by sliding them on the time line but I want to change multiple pics at the same time.  How is this done?  Thanks.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There are several ways. These two are the easiest:


          1) Go to Edit/Preferences and change the default still time. Every photo added to your project after that will be added at that duration


          2) Create a slideshow by select the photos you want to use in your Project Media panel, right-clicking (or going to the More button) and selecting Create Slideshow. Here you can designate the duration of each still.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Some of this might not apply to PE 1.0, but you can also adjust the individual Duration, after using one of Steve's tips to get the "average" about where you'll want, but click-draging the Tail of your still image in Timeline view to the left (to decrease), or right (to increase). In later versions of PE, when one did the click, the pointer turns into a bold ] with two arrows on it. This will close up, or expand ranks with all of the other Assets.


            In PrPro, one has to hold down the Ctrl key, while clicking, or the ] is small and not bold, and the other Assest will NOT follow along.


            Good luck,