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    Color Settings in Photoshop CS3 and Monitor Calibration questions

    JMM Photography, LLC Level 1

      OK, here's the deal...I currently am doing my work flow on a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop.  I have Photoshop CS3 and am trying to get my color settings in Photoshop as well as my monitor calibrated so that what I see on my computer screen post production is what I see in a printed photo (I just use www.mpix.com).


      Some background info..I shoot  in Adobe RGB and I have callibrated my monitor using the Spyder 3 Pro.


      So, I was told that I need to go to Edit -> Color settings -> then under working spaces keep the RGB at the sRGB (and a hole bumch of numbers and some letters after that) setting.  But then under Color Management Policies change the RGB, CMYK,  and Gray drop downs to Convert to Working RGB, CMYK, and Gray.    I have since done this and before I used my Spyder 3 Pro to callibrate my monitor my prints were turning out dark and some of the prints had a green tone (depending upon the action I used in Photoshop).  I wasn't happy with this, so I bought the Spyder 3 Pro to callibrate my monitor thinking this was the problem.


      I have since used the Spyder 3 Pro to callibrate my monitor and BOY do things look different- darker and with a yellow hue.  Now, my issue is this...what I have shot and previewed on my LCD screen on my camera is WAY different than what I am seeing on my computer screen.  Strangely, before I callibrated my monitor they matched much closer.  So, since callibration I feel like I am spending TONS of time trying to color correct!  What is the deal?


      Did I callibrate my monitor incorrectly?  Is it my camera that is messing up the color?  The auto white balance setting was working nicely in most lighting throughout the day, except for churches.  Do I need to just use my Expodisc all the time now?  Are my Photoshop settings correct?  I feel like since I shoot in Adobe RGB my color settings should be Adobe RGB instead of sRGB.


      Help!  What is working for you?