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    where are my scroll bars?


      I'm all new here.

      used FLEX in a Week to bone up on this amazing Adobe product.

      I have just finnished my first online program.


      So I exported my flex project.  one of the export files was the .html
      I touched the file up to match the look of the other pages on my site.
      i changed the extension to .PHP


      Now the page renders, the functions work BUT:
      my page has no scroll bars! just the little embedded .swf has scroll bars.
      what do I do?


      Also, if anyone can help with this problem:

      The .SWF seems to be bigger than the TD it sits in on my page.  I've checked that the dimensions of the page match the dimensions of the

      program, how do I fix this bug?

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          Jerry62712 Level 1

          Do you have a URL we can look at?


          Without knowing the details, the general wisdom is:


          1) don't use tables - most don't know how to correctly and most don't use them for the proper purpose

          2) browser scroll bars are generally automatic when the rendered page is bigger than the width or height


          You can change #2 with css of course which is why we need a URL to see what is happening.  OTOH, the Flex gurus here may have a solution without that:  I'm a newbie at Flex but an expert at web pages.  Given you are using PHP you probably are pretty good at this as well

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            you go into the html-template folder in your project and edit your index.template.html file.   You will set:



            body { margin: 0px; overflow:show }





            <body scroll="yes">




            this will allow your page to have scroll bars on the browser.  You can also turn off the scroll bars on the other items by setting horizontalScrollPolicy and verticalScrollPolicy to false



            hope that helps you




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              *Prashant Shelke* Level 4

              Ensure you have specified containers height in % & H & V scroll policies are not OFF, & you have CSS on body tag scroll="yes" is there for containers..

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                pcworkpros Level 1

                He wanted the page to scroll not containers thats what it sounded like

                to me at least. He said he already had the container scroll bars but

                not the page


                Parker Smith



                On Jul 16, 2009, at 10:54 PM, Prashant Shelke <forums@adobe.com

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                  GRY086 Level 1

                  You sir were quite correct.  In particular it was the "overflow:show" statement.  thanks a bundle.