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    Video Display flv keeps playing after removing child


      Hello, I made a custom class in AS3 in flex and in this class i have an mouse click event. when this event occurs I add a VideoDisplay object as such:

      vidScreen.x = 0;

      vidScreen.y = 15;

      vidScreen.width = this.width - this.borderThickness;

      vidScreen.height = this.height - (this.borderThickness + 15);

      vidScreen.source = "http://blablabla/msg0001.flv";


      I'm also using an override close function,
      all that the inherited function  does is:



      and my new override function calls this:



      vidScreen.stop();                            //i've also tried putting this before calling super.closeMe()

      vidScreen.parent.removeChild(vidScreen);            //same as this.removeChild(vidScreen) just testing syntax



      The VideoDisplay and object instance seems to be removed ok, however i still get the audio from the flv playing until complete. I'm fairly new to flex development so i don't fully understand where to go to get the flv to stop playing before/after i remove the VideoDisplay object.



      Thanks for all your help