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    Sound Card driver does not support DirectSound input


      This is problem A.

      Premier error.png

      I just purchased a brand new HP computer for the purpose of capturing, editing and archiving video of my daughter growing up.


      The souncard I have is as follows:

      Sound card.png

      I have been to device manager/audio hardware to update the drivers but get the response that they are the latest drivers... (They should be as the computer was purchased a week ago (July 2009))


      I have installed every adobe update as well as microsoft update


      I have also been through setting the default playback sound to speakers (versus Hdmi or digital sound and checking the same in Premiere preferences/ audio hardware. My computer is an HP  e9150t vista ultimate (64bit) with an intel core i7 cpu950 @307ghz and 9gb of ram.


      Anyone have any ideas?