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    Linking to File

    Erluk9 Level 1
      Hello All,
      time for round # 2 of questions.

      I'm trying to insert a hyperlink to an external file which is an XLS.
      i use the interface chose file, browse to the file and insert it. when i get prompted to copy the file in to the project folder i say yes.
      i use the preview feature in RH (CTRL + W) and the link works fine. The problem is when i generate the flash help,
      the link does not work on single click. if i do right click save as works fine.
      when i hover over the link it shows "file:///C:/outpufolder/filename.xls" with no spaces and/or special characters. the only difference i see is that in the preview the link shows "file://filepath"
      what would cause that third slash to appear in the final product?

      any help is appreciated.