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    Director 8 to Director 11.5


      Hello everyone,


      I'm currently coordinating a study at Columbia University.  One of the computerized questionnaires that our research group gives to participants is programmed in Director 8.  We are interested in purchasing Director 11.5, but would like to know if the old Director 8 programming would transfer over and if we could still successfully run the measure.  Does anyone know how much alteration (if any) the programming would need?  Would it be necessary to start from scratch in Director 11.5?  Since an upgrade from 8 to 11.5 is not possible, I figure that the latter might be the case.


      In addition, our group is submitting a grant for a new study that would utilize an altered version of the current Director measure.  We would like to be referred to a Director programmer who would be willing to adapt the original programming into a different questionnaire, ideally in Director 11.5.


      I would really appreciate any offered advice or information.  Thanks.