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    Extract Filter not working


      tighmor says:

      Extract Filter not working in CS3


      Having a problem with the Extract Filter which suddenly will not work!

      When I choose it - for a layer file -  whither by filter > extract,  or using shortcut alt ctr + x the program does not respond and I have to exit by pressing escape key.

      Hope someone has the answer - the filter has worked previously.


      Thanks in Advance,


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Did you mean to post to the Photoshop forum? This is the Premiere Pro forum - the video editor program.


          Now, are you attempting to use the Extract Filter (in PS) on the Background Layer? If not, is your chosen Layer selected/active? Are you in the RGB, or CMYK Channel?


          Good luck,



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            tighmor Level 1

            Thanks for your reply and apologies fro wrong posting!   I have re-posted on the CS3 Forum.


            To answer your questions,

            I have tried to use the filter on a layer, a backgraound and a selection.   All the same effect. 

            My colour preference is RGB.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, the quick and dirty is one first does the outline (default green) with the Brush Tool. When complete, you use the Fill Tool ("Bucket," default blue), within the green outline. Once done, hit OK. You then are left with what you outlined and filled. All else is Transparent. What is happening for you?


              Good luck,




              PS, I'm giving Bill some small tips on the Extract Filter here, as it's something that a lot of PrPro and PS users can use to separate an object/subject for doing PiP, or a logo/bug in PrPro.