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    height on dynamic items?

    rcanulla Level 1

      I have a class that extends Box, with text from differint sources so that the items will all have differint height. When I trace _item.height, it gives me "0".




                     for(var i:int=0; i<10; i++){
                          _title = model.data.getItemAt(i).title;
                          _info = model.data.getItemAt(i).pubDate;
                          _abstract = model.data.getItemAt(i).description;
                          _URL = model.data.getItemAt(i).link;
                          _item = new NewsItemView(_title, _info, _abstract);
                          _item.name = "item " + i;
                          //_item.titleText.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, getURL);