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    can't do thumbnails?


      Alright RoboHelp world...  I'm trying to create thumbnail images in my RH 7 project.  The output is WebHelp.  I created two versions of a screen shot; one tiny, one regular.  I imported the tiny one, and then added a link to the larger image from the smaller image.  I tried the Pop-up style and I tried the New window style.  Both work beautifully from within RH when I do the magic eyeglasses test.  Neither work in the output.  I've linked images to text without problems in the past, so I fully anticipated linking to another image would be equally successful.


      I have to use the Link To > File option in the Hyperlink dialog -- for whatever reason, the images in the Images project file aren't available in those dialog boxes (even though i can navigate to them in the Project Manager pod). Could this be the problem?


      Any help is appreciated!


      - Meghan in a thumbnail vortex of fun