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    Valid connection corrupted when sent as key

    CharlesBelov Level 1

      I'm having trouble creating a connection key for someone using Contribute CS4.


      When I create the connection key there is no problem.


      When I try to use the connection key it tells me the key has become corrupted.


      In one case, I could use the key locally but when I burned it to a CD then copied it back again, it told me it was corrupted. I need to test this to verify that the copy over/copy back  is the issue in this one case, but the typical issue is that arbitrary connection keys I've created in CS4 refuse to work in CS4 on even the same copy of the program that just created the file.


      I believe the issue is that Contribute is unable to properly encrypt the password into the connection key or else to properly decrypt it from the key.


      I'm suspecting password length (except for the CD copy issue). I believe Contribute has difficulty with passwords over 12 characters and with special characters, but I'm running into the problem with some 12-character alpha-only passwords. (This is the server password, not the connection key password.)


      Does anyone know a safe method of choosing long (for security's sake) passwords that are going to be sent via connection key? Are there any unsafe connection key password techniques which allow the connection key to be opened but which corrupt the password? (I use really long connection key passwords.)


      Charles "Chas" Belov

      SFMTA Webmaster