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    Automatic Trasition To State

    Primal Atom Level 1



      Is it possible...


      1.) To initiate (i.e., click button) that transitions to a STATE...

      2.) Which then plays an action sequence (Fade In, then Fade Out, Corporate logos, individually)...

      3.) Which at the end... transitions to another STATE? (i.e., after the last logo Fades In, transition to a new (3rd) state.


      Items 1 & 2 are no problem...

      It's getting to the 3rd state that I can't get to work.


      I've tried to initiate this by adding to my "Action Sequence" string, the "On Load/Transition To" command for the "Wells Fargo" Logo. But it appears that the "Load" of this graphic and the "Fade In" in my action sequence are 2 different  events.

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Primal,


          You can use the "Set Component State" action to change state during a timeline. However, it's currently limited to sub-components - you can't target the current context.


          Can you describe the behavior you'd like to get at runtime? Maybe we can figure out a workaround.



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            Primal Atom Level 1

            Hi Adam,


            I've been busy with Flash Catalyst and haven't been here a while. I now have a link to the test project I created:



            ISSUE: Automatic Transition To State (After Build of Previous action).


            HOW TO GET THERE:

            1.) Click on PURCHASE or REFINANCE

            2.) Click on SEARCH button


            My intent is emulate "Loader" functionality, where Logos appear of companies retrieving info from as wait for data.

            The problem specifically asked is this: After the last Logo loads... would like to transition to the next state (Results Page).

            As I have it now, I have some a link come up [etc... CLICK (TEMP)], so that one can proceed manually.


            I hope that having a link to the project helps.


            Thanks, for your help.

            - rick

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              acath Level 4

              Hi Rick,


              Yeah, that makes sense. "Set Component State" would be almost what you want, except that you can't target the current context - only a subcomponent. I'll add this to the list.



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                I think what you mean is at the start of my website www.ansohano.com ?

                where theres a fade in (corp logo) then at click takes you to a different state...?


                If you want a seperate corporate logo to show, you could always just add that

                as a indiviual logo and create it a action seq?