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    Glitch/Stutter Effects? (Max Headroom)

    Suntower Level 1

      Hi again,


      Is there anything in PP that can somewhat easily achieve the cliche 'Max Headroom' type effects? (aka 'stutters', 'glitching')


      This can be done on DAWs by tediously cutting/copying/pasting/moving clips but there are also plug-ins that can automate the effect fairly convincingly. I was hoping there were similar gizmos in PP.


      I saw one discussion in the AE forum, but it referred to some 3rd party plugs and I'm not ready for AE. Just looking to get in the ballpark.





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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Check out Time Remapping.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As I am the only one here old enough to remember Max Headroom, I'd say that in addition to what Jeff recommended, you might want to cut our a frame here and there in you Video, and also do similar in the Audio, but also cut in a few words/syllables being repreated. It will be more hand-work in the Audio, but coming form DAW, you'll not have an issue. I'd also go for a bit of jerkiness (maybe Razor the Clips a bit first and apply Time Remapping at different rates). For the ultimate, add in a few still frames, with slightly different sizes (Export Still, then re-size these) and add some "static," or a horizontal scan line. Since you are basically doing animation, it will not be quick, and some Effects and treatments might not make it into your final, but you can create this, just as you envision it.


            Good luck,




            PS Jeff's father told him about Max Headroom. He just made a lucky guess...


            PPS you might want to take a very few frames and actually reverse the motion - keep this very short.


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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I don't know of any way other than manually to create this effect.

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                Suntower Level 1

                I'm gobsmacked that there are no plugs that do this OOTB as there are many in the audio world and the concept is the same... the tape machine has gone nuts and randomly, slows down, speeds up, repeats itself and so on, semi-randomly. Heck, about a 1/3 of my original DVDs do this all by themselves!


                I can't believe that whoever worked on Max Headroom all those years ago, did that effect by hand every week. And I see the effect in movies/tv all the time (Matrix, Star Wars, etc.)


                OK. Whining over. Tedious hand-editing it is.





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                  shooternz Level 6
                  Tedious hand-editing it is.


                  Its called crafting an edit.  (Its supposed to be an art not a chore)

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                    Suntower Level 1

                    I read a book on Michelangelo once where he described making 'David' sorta this way... "The first 3 months were pretty fun. By then, I knew how it was going to end up. That was the -art- part. But I still had, like, 33 more months of mindless chipping to go. Was that craft? Sure. Art? Not so much. Anything that I can automate? I wanna automate.


                    Not Michelangelo. Just lazy.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      One thought. You might want to explore Magix Movie Edit Pro. It works very closely with their Audio programs, and has some "off-the-wall" Effects in it. Do not recall what you're wishing to do, but they do have plenty that would be very specialized and only useful in very specific situations. Might be something in there. The interface is much more "big-button," than is PrPro, but it seems to be a useable little program. I have an older version, and will poke around it, when The Championship coverage is over, and I get up to the workstation. If it has anything promising, I'll tell you about it.


                      Good luck,




                      PS if you have AE, you might want to look at some of its Effects. A few, coupled with The Wiggler, might yield something close, and then you could tweak to suit.

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                        joshtownsend Level 2

                        Video-copilot's 'Twitch' plug-in has exactly that effect as a preset, but it's AE only. Also there's an effect like that in Boris Continuum set of plug-ins, they work well ion Premiere but are pricey.


                        It'd be easy to do in AE. I can think of ten ways to do it off the top of my head.


                        Also you can always just do a bunch of cuts in the clip and sort them around, maybe lose some, make some brighter or less transparent.