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    Autonumbering corrupted when converting RoboHelp HTML 5 to 8.


      everal problems:


      1 RH 8 "created" multiple definitions in my .css file for a each style.

      2 Autonumbered procedures (nested <ol> </ol> in original Help project was stable, but is not correct in RH8

      3 User documentation for Font Family is incorrect/incomplete

      4 Numbers in steps are Times Roman 12, text is Verdana 10.



      css file has 3 "versions" for defined styles, p, kadov, and another one with a rh prefix. I've explicitly called out font family using text editor, but wonder which definition is being picked up in RH 8 project, and if I can/should delete the redundant definitions



      The numbered list selection in the dialog box does not have an example for what I'm looking for:

      1 Step one

      2 Step two

         a. Substep one

         b. Substep two

      3 Step three


      The conversion automagically renumbered procedures with mixed <ol> and <ul> as well as nested <ol>. The result is a procedure that looks like:

      1. Step one

      2. Step two

          1. Substep one

          2. Substep two

      A. Step three



      Font Set  and setting numbers to same size as paragraph text...looking for adequate documetnation on these two problems.


      Font Set documentation is obtuse, on the same page as "Font" instructions. There is no Font Set in the menu.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



          The fact that your CSS still contains kadov indicates that for some reason it did not upgrade properly.

          Do you have another project using the same CSS so that you could take a copy and upgrade that to see if it works second time around?


          If not, backup the CSS and edit it manually. Try www.bradsoft.com and use the free lite version of TopStyle.




          Are you looking at multi level numbering? Pretty sure that simple layout is there.


          It is beginning to sound like what you you had various styles that effectivley gave you multi level numbering. What RH8 provides is different and I think you need to check it out. There is some information about it on my site. http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/rh_tour/index.htm




          Sounds like you have the LI configured to Verdana but OL not configured so it is taking your browser default or you have that defined as Times.




          You have four items in the heading of your post but only three in the body.


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