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    Inconsistent behaviour playing FLV videos in Captivate 4


      Hi everyone,


      this is driving me absolutely batty!

      I have created a captivate 4 module which has some short (2-3 minute) flv videos on some of the slides.

      In "preview project" it all works fine. When published it worked fine on my computer. I then put it on shared drive on our network and sent an email around the office for people to check it.


      Annoyingly some people couldn't view it.


      we've got about 10 computers in the office, a bit of a mix of Windows Vista and Windows XP but everyone's got I.E. 7 or I.E. 8

      some of the computers play the FLV videos fine.

      some of the computer just show a blank slide.

      one of the computers gives a security warning.

      It's so frustrating, I've tried playing with all the browser security settings and the flash "settings manager" thing but nothing works.


      I find it really poor that this is so difficult to get to work on standard installs of Windows and IE. Isn't the sales pitch that "anyone can create eLearning EASILY and quickly!". well, not if the features don't work on every 2nd computer


      anyone come across this before? or have any ideas?


      Thanks heaps!