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    Is there away to speed up code hinting?


      The code hinting seems to be a bit buggy.  Sometimes it seems the hints come at a decent rate, other times they don't come at all, and then sometimes they come at there own sweet pace.  Is there somewhere that hint pace can be accelerated?  I have used dreamweaver for so long, and I love it as a developemnt tool.


      Just a thought.  If I had to pay for this tool, as is, there is no way that I would want to replace dreamweaver with this IDE.  There are definitely some cool aspects to the tool.  I may not be using this word right, but is it the "introspection" that allows the IDE to code hint the UDFs that you've created.  Whether or not it is, I do like that feature.

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          Can you give example of when code assist works slow? That would help us to fix the problem.


          One case that we are aware of where code assist for CFC names (in createObject/new) takes time is when you have a large project with many folders and CFCs. We are working to fix this.

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            Hugh789 Level 1

            I have been using the coldfusion builder experimentally.


            All the work I have done has been with very small files.  Just experimenting with some of the new tags.  Checking out how robust the coldfusion builder IDE is.  I have found that its tempermental all of the time.  I have not compiled a list of items yet, but I will start to.


            The particular issue of code hinting:


            The only thing that seems to work consistantly is the html code hints.  Those seem to pop up right away.  I found where you can adjust the code hint speed, and I set it to 0 or 1.  I can't remember right off the top of my head.  Not much of a differnce anyway.  I restarted cf Builder and it still has the same issues.


            In order from worst performace to best:


            1. CFf function code hinting seems to be the slowest, and least reliable.  About half the time the code doesn't even pop up.


            2. CFML code hinting is unpredictable as well.  It does work more often than the items mentioned above.


            3. HTML code hinting seems to work just fine.  I haven't written any large files yet.


            4. While css seems to respond okay, I'm used to dreamweavers css color choices.  Many more color options in DW


            For your info, I am running CF builder on a windows 7 rc platform.


            Let me know if there is anything else that you need to help with your diagnostics

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              I've also noticed that the code hinting is very bugging, something working and sometime not. It seems to be particularly bad at giving hints for CF functions.



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                Dipanwita S



                Please check if reducing the content assist delay (in milliseconds) through Preferences helps.


                Also, please note that in some cases, content assist popup on functions/variables is not displayed automatically, it shows up only while invoked (using Ctrl+Space). For example, while typing a function argument, it shows up only when invoked. When you say content assist on functions don't show up as expected, do you mean they don't show up even when invoked uding Ctrl+Space? Please log a bug with specific example so that we can fix it.





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                  I've tried playing with the code assist delay quite a bit, and it seems to be hit or miss. One example is when I'm using something simple like "findNoCase" in a function. Builder won't suggest anything, regardless of how long I wait, nor will it show me insight on the arguments needed. If I use ctrl-space before the function name is completed it will show me findNoCase, but it does so in all lower case, and if I select it my camel case version is replaced with the all lower case version. If I do it after typing out the whole function, I would think it would give me "code insight" on the arguments, but instead it brings up code assist with all functions listed. I wonder if  code assist will not function the same as code insight, which would be unfortunate. I'll file a bug about the case change, unless it's a "feature."

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                    CFMLGuru Level 1

                    I think that this is a bug.  I have found the same issue with some insight tips.  I would rase this as an issue for each function/tag that you come across in which this problem occurs.




                    Braden Lake

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                      MaryJo Level 1

                      It should have an option for function code insight to show automatically, I miss not having this. I do find the insight in general sometimes doesn't pop up promptly, even with the time lowered.

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                        MaryJo Level 1

                        Here's one example of the tag insight not working properly that seems to happen for me repeatedly. If I type in a tag myself, when I add the space, the parameter list often doesn't come up. If I backspace and add the space again, it will then pop up okay. If I start typing the tag, and select it from the tag insight list, the parameter list always pops up fine. It seems to be an issue with some tags (cfparam and cfsavecontent for instance seem to be problem ones) while others *usually* work okay (like cfmail).