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    Reinstalling PE v2

    Joe Avitry Level 1

      I'd like to try reinstalling PE2 before I dive into the new version to see if perhaps the reinstall will eliminate this incompatability problem I have importing the dv-avi into DVD Workshop.


      My question is, does anyone know if the remove program in control panel will erase all the registry entrys as well, or is there some additonal manual things I need to do to completely start over.  I'm afraid a simple install over the current version may not overwrite some setting somewhere and I wouldnt really start totally fresh.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Just some thoughts here. All recent versions of PrPro have had an Adobe CleanScript for them. These are most often used when removing the "trial" versions, prior to a complete installation of the full-paid versions. To my knowledge, no version of PE has had such a utility.


          I'd think of doing a backup of any Projects, including any .PREL files. Then doing three things: using Add/Remove Programs first,  manually removing any folders/sub-folders associated with PE and then using a Registry Cleaner like CCleaner, several times to clean the Registry.


          That removal of all PE folders and sub-folders is why I urge a backup. The Removal of the program should not touch those, however to make sure that you have as clean a slate as is possible, I'd make sure that all other PE folders were removed, before the Registry cleaner.


          Please let us know how it goes.


          Good luck,