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    How can I tell which default.css is used ?


      Is there any way I can tell which which default.css is used  ?


      thx -g

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          _Natasha_ Level 4


          can't understand what you mean. What default.css you mean?


          You can include css for your application and set a path to it.

          Like this

          <mx:Style source="style.css"/>

          It's relative path to file.

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            xfer_rdy Level 1

            Hi Natasha,


            Thanks for the response.. Sorry if the queston was confusing..


            When I build, the compiler uses a default css from the sdk. In the sdk, there are two default.css file one located in "sdk/projects/framework" and the other in "sdk/projects/haloclassic". I'm not sure which one is used, if any.


            Now that the forums are back online,,, I'll explain the reason for the question:


            I was creating a custom version of popUpButton. The code would build, but I had a runtime error due to the popUpIcon style class being null. Actually, none of the styles could be found.


            I placed  a definition for the custom control class in both defaults.css files but the style was not picked up. I was modifying the class default.css file because when I referenced "haloclassic.PopUpButtonSkin" could not be found. I couldn't figure out the relative adressing for the "haloclassic" namespace.


            Since the changes to default.css did not have any affect, I couldn't figure out if the default.css file was used or there was another one built into a swf.


            I still haven't figured it out, but I moved the parts of the haloclassic style into my local directory, but this work around is not anything I can move into production with. It will make maintenence a nightmare.