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    how to disable button AS when it opens a new frame ?? AS2


      Hi all, i have a conundrum ... i have a movie and after the intro the enter button takes me to the next frame (11) and stops. there i have a drop down menu with button instances on each of the drop downs. The drop down is in a movie clip so i am using

      on (release) {_root.gotoAndPlay("s1");


      on the button instances to take me to root level to say frame 12 and stops. Each button instance has a different frame label to go to, s1, s2 etc - the idea being that back at root level i can have the content of each of the buttons on each of the frame labels (s1 at frame 12 , s2 at frame 13 etc) .... this works fine except the drop down menu in each of these new frames retains the action script on the drop down button instances - this is fine for all the buttons that will take me to another content page at root level - what i dont want is the AS to remain on the button for the page i am currently on - cos if you click on it it takes you back through the intro etc to get to its frame label again ....... any ideas ?
      hmmm as i have been typing this i have thought i am gonna have problems the more "content" frames i have at root level (have only done one content frame so far) .... say i am on content page 3 (s3, frame 14, if i want to view anything prior to this frame its always gonna go back to the intro and play over again to get to s3 isnt it ?? ......... arggg confused - any help much appreciated

      ps if you fancy a look at what i mean you can at

      the button that shows this is "link 2" main button and "designers we carry" sub button ..

      many thanks