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    Expanding TextInput?

      Howdy all,
      I'm relatively new to Flex (I've only been working with it for about 6 months now), so it is entirely a possibility that the following may not be realistic.

      With that in mind, here is what I am curious about - would it be possible to customize a TextInput control to sort of auto drop down as the user types in information? Like how Google works - you type in the first few letters of your search and the little box appears below the input region with some of the most common searches starting with those letters.

      Right now, I basically have a TextInput control above a List control. The List control's data source is an ArrayCollection whose filterFunction is pointed at the TextInput's text property. That works great, but I guess we are sort of looking for something with a little more pizazz!

      Any help or advice would be much appreciated (even if that means telling me this is crazy/impossible!)