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      • 135. Re: Document could not be printed
        Tho-Lan004 Community Member

        Same problem here.


        But we could fix it:


        please check the security settings for the folder %programfiles%\Adobe\Adobe Reader 10.0\Resource\CMap


        the correct security settings for this folder should be:

             Everyone: read and execute

             SYSTEM: Full control

             Administrators: read and execute


        This worked for us.

        • 136. Re: Document could not be printed
          Vibhav Athrey BM Community Member

          We may face this issue if any third party PDF printers (Any printers apart from Adobe) are installed as well, try removing them all and check.

          If you do not have any third party PDF printers installed try following the below steps.



          1. Click on Start > type Services.msc and open the Services window.
               In the Services window choose to Start the " Printer Spooler"  service, if it is already started choose to restart it and then try printing.
              If you still face the same issue, follow Step 2.
          2. Check if the application is updated, if not launch the application and then click on Help > Check for Updates.

          3. If Step 2 does not help re-install the application.

          • 137. Re: Document could not be printed
            AnHoBe Community Member

            Thanks, lesyeux - unchecking that option finally fixed the prob.

            For german users:

            Bearbeiten -> Voreinstellungen -> Allgemein -> Geschützten Modus beim Start aktivieren -> ausschalten

            Adobe Reader X 10.1.4

            • 138. Re: Document could not be printed
              TimH3221x Community Member

              I solved this issue by installing NitroPDF reader.  I don't have a clue why installing another PDF reader would fix it Adobe Acrobat X, but it did.  Oh, and I didn't un-install X either.  Good luck young Padawan.

              • 139. Re: Document could not be printed
                sudhan16 Community Member

                I recently upgraded to Adobe Reader 11.0 and had similar issue.


                I solved it by doing the following


                Edit -> Preferences-> Documents -> View Documents in PDF/A mode ........Make it as "Never"


                Restart your adobe reader and now you should be able to print.

                • 140. Re: Document could not be printed
                  altekro.com Community Member

                  A temporary fix for this problem:

                  1. email yourself the document.

                  2. Click view.

                  3. Enter in the information.

                  4. Right click and print.

                  5. Clicking change under destination. (Google Chrome)

                  6. Select PDF.

                  7. Save the document.

                  This is a problem with permissions and is very common.

                  Hope this helped.

                  • 141. Re: Document could not be printed
                    Machistmo Community Member

                    My FIX was to export the Document to word, open it in word and then save as a PDF again.  Printed like a charm after that. The error appeared to be in the PDF when it was created or when it was sent to me.

                    • 142. Re: Document could not be printed
                      Dawn Gwin Community Member

                      I have tried all the solutions suggested by other members. Tried printing on various printers in my studio. I have Adobe CC, therefore the latest versions of Adobe software, Mavericks newest updates, still I can no longer print a PDF file from either Adobe Reader OR Acrobat Pro, only from Preview. The PDF files that I have attempted to print were created in both InDesign and Illustrator, so Adobe would have to blame their own software since the fault is not in a defective PDF produced by third party. These PDFs were printing fine three weeks ago. Adobe, are you listening?

                      • 143. Re: Document could not be printed
                        max8699 Community Member

                        A solution that worked for me was in adobe reader go to file- print then select the printer to print to  then hit the advanced button next to the printer select area. Then select print as Image then click OK then print.

                        • 144. Re: Document could not be printed
                          Irtelli Community Member

                          I can only think that this is a compatibility problem with Adobe CC. I had this same problem, which went away of its own accord a couple of months' ago. This morning it's back. The printer isn't a network printer and there's nothing wrong with the PDF.


                          My solution is to print through Adobe Reader; although it isn't ideal it gets the job done. :-)

                          • 145. Re: Document could not be printed
                            yoda nuc Community Member

                            Give this a try:

                            1.     Click on 'file' located at the top left of your screen.

                            2.     Go down the list and select 'Print'.

                            3.     In the window that opens click on the "Advanced" button located next to printer name or at the bottom of the window.

                            4.     Click the box 'Print as image' and then click on the ok button. Click ok again.

                            This setting does not "save", therefore you must do this each time you want to print.

                            Hope this might work for you as it did for me.

                            • 146. Re: Document could not be printed
                              jsnsoto Community Member

                              I had the same problem with a user we have at my job. I recreated the Windows profile and that resolved the issue.

                              • 147. Re: Document could not be printed
                                rockyshaw19460712 Community Member

                                First let me state that this is my solution on a Macintosh running 10.7.5 and Acrobat Pro X (with all the latest updates).


                                This problem started for me just this last weekend. I have been to every so-called solution that I could find via a Google search and NONE of these "solutions" even by the self-tagged "experts" work. PERIOD!


                                I decided to follow one suggestion to install Acrobat Pro 9. However, instead of uninstalling Acrobat Pro X first, I left it installed.


                                During the initial startup of Acrobat 9 after installation I was offered the option of installing an Extra feature called Adobe PDF Printer which allows me to "Create Adobe PDF files from any application by printing to Adobe PDF Printer". I opted in to that extra.


                                Once Acrobat Pro 9 had started I tested it using one of the PDF files that had failed to print with the dreaded "No pages selected......" error messages. THE FILE PRINTED AS EXPECTED!


                                I then decided I would uninstall Acrobat Pro X, but on a whim decided to try to print the same PDF file that had just printed using Acrobat Pro 9 one more time. IT PRINTED!


                                All I can figure out is that somehow selecting the option to have Acrobat Pro 9 install the option for allowing other applications to create a PDF repaired something within the Mac operating system. Just a guess.


                                Hope this helps someone.

                                • 148. Re: Document could not be printed
                                  Ravinder Singh Community Member



                                  If you getting an error that document can not be printed and no pages are selected then please follow the steps mentioned below :


                                  Go to Computer

                                  Local Disc "C"

                                  Program file (86)x


                                  Reader 11


                                  Change the file name AcroRd32.exe to reader.exe and open it from the same location and try to print you will able to print.

                                  • 149. Re: Document could not be printed
                                    ldean79682279 Community Member

                                    Just ran into this issue....My solution File/Print/Advanced/ then check Print as Image, click ok, then print.  Hope this helps!

                                    • 150. Re: Document could not be printed
                                      cj_250 Community Member

                                      Experienced these errors on a friend's pc, but removing the faulting printer from Devices and Printers, and then adding it again solved the problem.

                                      • 151. Re: Document could not be printed
                                        prov-uk-mb Community Member

                                        I was having this problem printing to a HP DesignJet 500 plotter only all other network printers were fine.


                                        Below is the solution that worked for me.


                                        Go to file > print > properties to display the HP driver settings


                                        Click on the Services tab


                                        Click troubleshooting menu and ensure that Enable SpoolSmart is checked

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