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    [CS3][JS] Help with image resizing


      I'm still a newbie of ID scripting.


      I'm using js scripting in Indesign CS3 to make an auto-impaginator and I have a problem with images.


      I charged my contents from an xml set of tables, that I put into a fixed textFrame of the master page.

      Because of the table needs to fill multiple pages, I made a function that keep creating pages and link the textFrames so that the table continues in various pages.

      In this whole process I have some images too, that I need to resize them to fill the cell, because now they pass the parent cell.

      I found a method that looks at the bounds and resizes the image and the rectangle too, but it doesn't work always, because if a image is overflowing, it hasn't any bound and it fails, and this causes other problems in my process, so I would find another method.



      Is there another way to resize an image on-the-way while importing it? Some xml attribute or preference?

      Or some method that works also if the image is overflowing?