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      I have 2 movieclips on a stage. One is a large image that can be zoomed in and out of. The other is the same image but is smaller so shows the entire image. What id like to do is when you click on the smaller image the larger image will move to the corresponding point. I suppose its similar to clicking on a link on a webpage and it taking you to bookmark on that page.


      Im not sure what technique i should be using so i cant even search google for tutorials


      I hope this makes sense


      Many thanks

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          determine the large image's position when the upperleft corner of your small image is clicked and its position when the lower right corner is clicked.  every other position will be a linear blend of those two.

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            Cyman666 Level 1

            ok, ive added some buttons on the smaller image and added this code:


            over01_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, position);



            function position(evt:MouseEvent):void {
            flow_mc.x = -790;
            flow_mc.y =-100


            it works ok but if you've zoomed into the large image (flow_mc)  clicking on the button wont take you to the same place that it would if you were zoomed out, if that makes sense?