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    How to install Reader without AIR

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      I have to deploy Adobe Reader 9.1.2 to hundreds of PCs through scripts.


      I first run "msiexec.exe /i AcroRead.msi /qb /norestart",

      then, after a 5sec delay, "AdbeRdrUpd912_all_incr.msp /qb /norestart".


      That works fine, except that occasionally, when I start the AdbeRdrUpd912_all_incr.msp a window pops up saying that some other installation is already running. After many tests I found out that after the AcroRead.msi has finished, it starts an installation of AIR in the background (using the system account!) without asking or telling. When that hasn't finished when I run the update, bang ... I don't want to put in a 5-10 minute delay just to be sure. And I hate when stuff gets installed without asking and/or telling.


      So my question is: How can I avoid this virus-like AIR installation? (I know what AIR is, but I don't want it to install itself like a virus)

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          Dr Arms

          I have a smilar problem . I deployed version 9 using the msi and the mst file created by the custom wizard. I removed all shortcuts and automatic updates etc.


          When I apply the exact same settings using verion 9 1  Adobe Air and Adobe Com both install a few seconds afterwards


          Did you manage to get a fix for your issue