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    DVD Architect Studio

    Joe Avitry

      Steve, as I restart my video editing related web surfing, I find that you have written a book on DVDAS. Thats great, I'll be ordering that book. If this is an ok place to ask a quick question, I'd like to.


      One of the features I use very often in DVD Workshop is the ability to place graphics on the menu page and adjust their opacity, size and position so that the background menu graphic can been seen through the smaller overlay.


      My background graphic is more often than not, one of the beginning scenes of the video, and the graphic overlay I speak of is usually a billboard type graphic  that I place text on explaining who is playing in the video billiards match, which again I can size and place as needed.


      If theses features, opacity, sizing and locating of graphics (and even making some of them buttons)  are something DVDAS can do, I'm in! 

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          If you have not been to Muvipix, I highly recommend it. Their fora are their "Community," and there is a sub-forum on DVD Authoring. Steve, Chuk Engles and many others (many of whom do not show up here) post to that sub-forum. Many are using DVD Architect. You'll get a lot of good info there, and the forum IS really a "community."


          Good luck,



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            Joe Avitry Level 1

            Thanks Hunt, I forgot all about Muvipix and didn't realize there were DVDAS forums as well.  I'll repost the Q there....





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Now, the DVD Authoring sub-forum is not specific to DVD Architect, though many use it, especially after Steve's book. There are many using PE, and others, like me, using Encore. With Encore not being a stand-alone program any more, those ranks might be dwindling a touch, though people with PrPro CS3 & CS4 will still likely be using it.


              A lot of the discussion is more general about authoring, and not so much program-specific. Still, a lot of DVD Architect users there.


              Good luck, and I'll drop in to see how it's going. Though I am a great fan of Encore, I always try to learn alternatative apps.



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Sorry I missed your posts, Joe. I'll be glad to answer your questions over at Muvipix. See you there!

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                  Joe Avitry Level 1

                  Hunt, I actually purchased the stand alone vers. of Encore used on the original CD from Ebay quite a while back.  I'm embarassed to say that I recall after loading it, I sat there in front of my computer with my jaw dropped, thinking "OMG what the @#$# is all this?"  LOL,  I'll admit some of the ways that video editing and authoring software present themselves, and what my perception of how to use them  can really bewilder me.  Sony Vegas is another great example of this for me, as it too sits on my shelf and I ended up with scratch marks in my head.


                  For some reason PE2 was instantly intuitive for me, as was DVD Workshop.  If I can muster up the energy to figure out why those two programs don't like each other, I'll be able to stop my searching for additional software solutions and get back to the task at hand ... converting video. 


                  thanks much!


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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    This is not specific to any particular authoring app, but it does work perfectly for Encore, and might for others as well.


                    I Export from PrPro, every Sequence (think mini-Projects in PE, but within a single Project) as elemental streams, i.e. non-muxed files. The Video is DV-AVI Type II (no Audio), and AC3 (because I do DD 5.1 SS for most Projects), or PCM/WAV (no Video). The Video is Imported into Encore as a Timeline and the Audio as an Asset. Within Encore, I drag the Audio to the appropriate Timeline. I almost always let Encore do the Transcoding on Automatic.


                    This has worked 100% for many hundreds of Projects and over 1000 DVD-Video's.


                    Good luck,