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    Printed docs

      I'm using Word 2003 and RH HGTML 2002, build .949 (legacy docs).

      I can create/generate help with no problems but when I try to generate printed docs I get a message that the Document Wizard can't locate MS Word.

      I've checked the setup and it lists Word 2003 as one of the products it works with. I've checked the downloads and not found anything that looks like a fix. Any/all suggestions welcome,
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi jarnekin and welcome to our community

          I'm not sure what you saw that said RoboHelp HTML version 2002 is compatible with Word 2003. If it exists anywhere, it's dead wrong. Only RoboHelp version X5 is compatible with this version of Word. And even then, you have to download and install the update to make it work.

          Cheers... Rick
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            jarnekin Level 1
            Thanks Mike - can't remember where I saw it was compatible with pre-X5 RH. Seemed to work fine except for the printed docs :-)

            Anyway, I've just upgraded to X5 and, after the initial fright at not seeing Javahelp in the list of outputs, I seem to be up an running apart from one (minorish!) niggle. When I generate the help and test it in RH everything's fine. However, when I copy it across to the application and run it the TOC disappears. Everything else is there but the TOC is blank - index and search are both fine, and the context help opens at the right topics etc.

            I've been searching for RH/blank/toc and various combinations but not found anything that it might be. Annoying as I feel it's something simple I'm missing but I can't see it - any words of wisdom :-)