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    Multiple Requests

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      Hello.  I've been working with LiveCycle Designer for a while, and I've found it would be nice to be able to find and replace chunks of code longer than the current find/replace tool will allow.  It would also be nice to be able to find and replace multiple lines simultaneously.  This could be very helpful if one has a template that is repeated multiple times with the same/very similar code.  If you want to change all this similar code in the same way, currently you need to go through and individually change everything.  A more "pie-in-the-sky" request along this same vein would be to have an option to have a script attempt to update its addresses (form1.page1.whatever) when you change object names.  Third, it would be nice to be able to get SOM addresses using Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift when clicking on objects in the Hierarchy, not just when clicking on them in the form.  Finally, I really like the way when the XFA Source tab is opened the line corresponding to the object selected in the Hierarchy tab is highlighted.  It would be nicer if you could do this on the fly (i.e. changing the object selected in the Hierarchy tab takes you to and highlights the appropriate line in the XFA Source tab).  Currently I've found it necessary to leave the XFA Source tab, change the selected object in the Hierarchy tab, and reenter the XFA Source tab, which works, but is cumbersome.

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          Would it be possible to add a page navigation tool to the Preview PDF tab?  It's a pain to have to scroll through pages and pages of a form, and the scroll bar on the right isn't very user-friendly.