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    Transparencies not printing

    Prepress Gal

      I received an Illustrator job loaded with transparencies on a solid background. Although I find it odd, I cannot ungroup or select any individual pieces.


      I have tried saving as an EPS and printing through InDesign to Konica CREO server or RIP to Poly plates. Both come out with white boxes and shapes in the background. I have tried outputting directly from Illustrator. I have tried PDF, but that is only good until it flattens, which the CREO is doing and then all the white boxes show up in the PDF. Any suggestions on how to get this job to plate or digital press?

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          John Danek Level 4

          I wonder if the file can be rasterized?  For instance, an export out of Illustrator as a .tiff.  Have you tried "Expanding" the selected artwork?  It could be a "Linked" item which was not supplied with the file and, since it is missing, prints as White boxes.  I'd contact the creator and have them supply you a .pdf or the linked image(s) that are missing and could be ( if this is the case ) "Replaced".

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            Prepress Gal Level 1

            Ok, I am now seeing embedded links.....lots and lots of them in the background using transparencies. I will try rasterizing next.

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              Prepress Gal Level 1

              Rasterizing might work, if I could see it. Proessed to CREO and it is coming out exactly at 50%. How can I get this to 100%?


              I also could only rasterize on the "medium" setting. Anything higher up got an error it was too large.

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                John Danek Level 4

                Can you see the layers, too?  It sounds like it could be a layer problem of some sort.  Printing at 50%?  Something is funny about the file(s).

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                  Prepress Gal Level 1

                  Yes I can see the layers. Is there something I should look for in particular? There are 3 layers. Most of the art giving me the problem is on the bottom layer. The file really isn't that large to begin with. 7.6 Mb, but when I rasterize it it grows to 107 Mb.

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                    Prepress Gal Level 1

                    I posted a reply and attached two screen shots, but I guess they didn't load.


                    What I found was, when I viewed in outline, I could see a whole bunch of images, in groups, repeated as if being used as a design. The entire background artwork is about 6 times larger than the artboard itself. I think they have used a clipping mask to hide the extended area, but I have not had much time to pick it apart and work specifically on this job.


                    I have asked the designer to re-submit art but I want to continue to find an answer to what I can do with this art myself, in case they don't have a clue either. Is there any way to trim this background art down to size easily? It might work if it didn't have all this extra baggage to process.

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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                      Export it as a a psd (photoshop file pick.


                      Then place it in AI or try saving it as a PDF.

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                        John Danek Level 4

                        That could be why the file prints at 50% according to page setup.  I do not see why you wouldn't be able to delete or remove those elements outside the artboard.  And, that's probably why the file ends up being so big when rasterized and why there is a limitation on rasterizing.  I asked about layers because I was thinking there might be some hidden elements somewhere and you did find them in outline view.  Definitely see what can be done to get with of those masked images.

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                          Prepress Gal Level 1

                          Thanks guys. That is exactly what the customer provided, a PSD of the background which they used to replace the troublesome art in Illustrator. Made PDF and sent directly to rip. All looks (and behaves) fine now.  I knew it was going to have to be something like that, but I had to give the customer the option of fixing first.