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    Very slow synchronizing templates. Why?

    RickEEE Level 1

      During boot-up, Contribute seemingly freezes during the template synch'ing phase.  Sometimes it finishes in 15 minutes, sometimes does not finish, even after 8 hours.  This is a new situation that began within the past couple of weeks. Manually copying templates and support files from the server to Contribute's 'sandbox' on my C drive functions as expected - very fast.  This 'slowness' is also affecting Editing and Publishing.  Adobe tech support is not able to help. Following is our configuration:

      • Contribute CS3 - 46 licenses
      • CPS 1.1
      • Operating System: Windows Server 2003
      • Web Server: IIS
      • Browser: Microsoft IE
      • Database type: UNKNOWN
      • Application server: TOMCAT