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    Want next version of Fireworks 8.0 and comparing  8.0 VS CS4 (and others)


      HI all,


      I use Fireworks 8.0 and am wanting to get the next  version or one similar.


      At this time, I am experiencing problems (for no reason at all. It's been happening for 5 months).


      What happens is, all of a sudden the "hand tool" is activated (and I am no where near it when it does this) and I cannot get it unstuck.


      I cannot do almost anything when this happens,I can't click on the pointer tool or anything. I have tried opening different types of files to see if they work or if the problem is the file, nothing works. I have tried many things and the only way I can solve it is to uninstall Fireworks and reinstall it.


      I am tired of this but LOVE Fireworks and like I said, I want something VERY similar if a newer version is not available.


      I make designs for some shops i have online, that is what I mainly use it for. I also resize pictures etc.


      Please help!