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    Error trying to synchronize...


      Hi folks,


      I installed CFBuilder as a standalone app today, and so far I really, really like it. One thing that I especially liked was the synchronization feature. I typically used Aptana and it's synchronization feature to ftp files from the local copy of my code to the copy on the web server. I was pleased to see that this feature looked almost exactly like the Aptana one.


      So, I set it all up and then decided that several files would be better served in a different directory. So I created a new directory on the local side (from within CFBuilder Navigation view) and moved the files into the new directory. Now, my attempts to synchronize *anything* in the project fails with the message:



      ...and just incase the image didn't come through:



      Unable to continue.

      The items you have selected do not share a common synchronization connection parent.


      I seem to some how have busted one of my favorite features of the new IDE thus far (though there are still plenty of cool things), but I use this was CONSTANTLY to upload changes.


      Have I discovered a bug?


      I hope someone can help, soon!




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          chris.s.jordan-5HGl9H Level 1

          Okay, I figured this out.


          Just for reference in case anyone else has this trouble.


          Open the Sync Manager view (Window > Show View > Other...> HTML Standard Views > Sync Manager)


          You should then find that one or more site connections has an error. In my case, the error was "End point missing".


          Right-click on the connection with the error (the one with the red x), and select properties. Then re-associate the proper ftp connection with this site connection.


          Hope that helps anyone else having similar issues.