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    Joining Help Projects

      My question this time is somewhat the reverse of my last. I've "inherited" these help projects from previous writers who did not use the same standards. On the one hand is the large project, which I considered breaking up and merging (and posted about). On the other hand is a group of projects that were being merged. With your advice in hand, I decided on one help project for each software application.

      Now I have the task of joining the group of projects into one. What is the most efficient way to do this? I started to import the html files and copy over the images, etc from each project but it is very time-consuming and I find I've lost the Table of Contents and Index entries for the imported files. Does anyone have a better way?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Ben. Are you making any changes to the projects or just merging them?

          If the later, you just need to create a Master project into which you merge the other project's TOC. That maintains the TOC and index of each of the projects and merges them when displayed in the master project.

          If you are only importing certain topics, importing them is the way to go. The images should be brought over automatically provided you have them embedded in the topics rather than linked. The TOC and index is an issue but you can get around this by manually editing the project's .HHC (Table of Contents) and .HHK (Index) files. Close down the project, take a backup, open the old project's .HHC file in your favourite text editor (e.g. Notepad), copy from the <object type="text/sitemap"> tag to the </object> tag for all the topics you have imported, open the new project's .HHC file in your favourite text editor and paste where you want them to appear. Repeat for the .HHK file.
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            WriterBen Level 1
            Hi Colum,
            I'm not quite sure what you mean by making changes. I will need to edit content, apply a template and style sheet, etc. in order to unify the projects. Is that the type of change you're talking about?

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Hi Ben. Sorry about that. I fell into the trap of using unclear language. Isn't the world of technical communication wonderful If you are applying a style sheet and a template to topics I'd suggest select multiple topics in the Topics tab, select the Properties right click menu item and assign a style sheet and template that way. That will hopefully speed things up.