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    Syntax Highlighting/Color Coding

    Christine Panus

      I created a bug report for the Syntax Highlighting/Color Coding over on cfbugs.adobe.com (http://cfbugs.adobe.com/bugreport/flexbugui/cfbugtracker/main.html#bugId=78722) and I originally called it a cosmetic issue.  However, I'm really finding it to be more of an overall usability issue.  Is there any way to change the bug classification?


      I'm finding the editor almost unusable because of the number of issues I've been having with the editor that all seem to relate back to the color coding and code display.  I have customized the color coding for all of the editors to use a black background and appropriate foreground colors.  Is anyone else having issues with the performance of the editor with relation to the color coding or could my customizations be causing the issues I'm experiencing?


      I've listed the issues I've been experiencing in the comments on the bug, hopefully they will be of some help.

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          We've bumped into a couple of real problems in our team in our testing as well. One deals with the apparent limitation on the number of lines to which the code coloring is applied. We have a couple of huge legacy files in some of our projects (e.g., files over a couple thousand lines in length). The first real limitation is that CFB has any sort of limit on the number of lines to which it will apply coloring -- I can't say I've ever bumped into that within a development environment before. Pushing that configuration setting out to try to color the whole file made the tool unusable. It simply stopped responding. We don't have that problem with the other editors/environments we collectively develop in within our team (CFEclipse, AFAE on Eclipse, Homesite, DreamWeaver).


          Between limitations like these, and the lack of support for a couple of platforms we split our time between, our testing of the CFBuilder beta is winding down quickly.

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            Dipanwita S Level 1

            Hi Ron,


            CFBuilder should colorize the entire file. Please log a bug with a sample legacy file that you have so that we can investigate this issue.