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    random clips render out dark for no reason...

    genoism Level 1

      I'm rendering out some regular qt clips in 800x600(original clips are in the same size). Regardless of what codec I use, some specific clips always render out darker then displayed in premiere (both the source and preview window display that it should be bright). I've double and triple checked to make sure there are no effects, no changes in opacity, nothing above these layers that would make it darker or anything. Even tried copying and pasting just those specific clips that have the darkness issue into a new sequence and it still renders out dark.


      I've solved the issue but I'd still like to understand what the cause is if anyone knows.

      My solution was replacing the dark clips with exactly the same file from the bin...in essence, delete the dark clip, drag the same clip from the bin into the timeline. And v'wala it was fine. So any ideas as to why this happened so I could avoid going nuts in the future?


      Many thanks in advance!